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Booking Info!

Hi there! Thank you for booking an appointment! It truly helps us properly staff our days and make sure we keep everything moving in a timely manner! Here are some booking info and tips to help with this process!

  • Booking times close 2 hours before the desired time slot  (i.e. if you would like to book for 10:30 am slot you would have to do it by 8:30 am). This gives us time to slot the appointment in and to schedule others appropriately! 

  • Need to know immediate availability or trying to book an appointment within a time under 2 hours? Call the salon and we can give you updated availability for your appointment!

  • Services are booked individually/per person. (i.e. if you are booking a mani/pedi, please book the services one at a time. Unfortunately, there is not quite a way around this especially if you were looking to do your services at the same time. Each service requires one person. If you were to book to get your manicure and pedicure at the same time, that would require 2 people. Each person booking an appointment would have to book separately if you were booking online! We can also accept group appointments over the phone)

  • We have most of our full-time staff members available to book with on our booking system! Some of our part-time staff are not available to book online due to their changing schedules. However, there will be a line on the booking form to request certain staff members! If that person is not available on that date, we will contact you to update!

  • Peak hours: M-Th 4:30-7pm, Sat 9:30-2pm, Sun 12pm-3pm. These are high traffic hours out of the week. We recommend booking an appointment ahead of time for these timeslots!

  • If you have specific questions regarding your nail services or appointments, please give us a call (404)-228-5405.

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