These are our current Covid-19 protocols. We will be updating this page as the situation develops with cases. 


Our first and foremost priority is the safety and health of our employees and clients. So we will be operating with strict social distancing rules. Here’s what that’ll mean:



  1. We are operating on a limited capacity as we are enforcing social distancing measures. 

  2. Before any clients are seated or select their colors, they will be required to wash or sanitize their hands. 

  3. Clients are seated a chair distance away to ensure social distancing for our staff!

  4. Staff will all be in masks, and we ask our clients to wear masks as well. Please bring a mask with you to your appointment. If you do not have a mask, please let us know and we will procure one for you. 

  5. Clients in Spa Chairs/ Manicure table will be seated one chair distance apart. 

  6. Our tables, chairs, and surfaces will be cleaned regularly, after each client. Our tools are cleaned after each client, as usual. 


We are aiming to do everything we can to keep our staff and clients safe. Please feel free to reach out to us regarding any questions or concerns you may have!